Say Goodbye to Your Eight-Legged Guests

Rely on us for spider control at your home

One of the most common bugs to enter a home is the spider. With a wide range of species, these bugs range from tiny to mammoth, and they can cause a ton of health issues if they bite. Fortunately, they can be removed from your home quickly with the help of an exterminator.

Hull's Pest Control has wiped out many colonies of spiders throughout the region. We know how to handle any nest and defend your house from more spiders. Don't deal with a spider problem when we can handle it for you. Talk to Hull's Pest Control today to get an estimate on spider control service.

Spider fast facts

Spider fast facts

Spiders are a unique plague to your home. Here are just a few facts about these creepy crawlies:

  • Spiders aren’t considered insects, but anthropoids
  • Spiders are commonly born in the spring but can appear any time of year
  • Spider life spans range from one year up to twenty years

If you spot any spiders in your home, be sure to call an exterminator quickly. Hull's Pest Control can find their nest and remove it before more spiders are born. Speak with our crew today to get spider treatment in your Lansing, MI home.